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G&H Ambulance is the primary ambulance that covers the towns of Glenburn and Hudson. The service is permitted to operate at the Paramedic level with Maine EMS. We also have licensed EMT- Basic's and EMT-Intermediates, as well as Drivers and EMT-First Responders.

Here is some idea of what each level can do with the ambulance:

Driver: Certified to drive the ambulance after completing the

Ambulane Vehicle Operators Course (AVOC). Drivers are also CPR


EMT-First Responder: respond before or with the ambulance

and prepare for transport at the BLS level (CPR, bleeding control,

splinting, etc).

EMT-Basic: Certified to handle basic level calls just like a first

responder plus they are able to transport. They are also able to give

some medicatons such as asprin for chest pain, EpiPen for allergic

reaction, oxygen, and oral glucose for hyopglycemic patients. They

are permitted to use a blood glucose monitor.

EMT-Intermediate: All skills at the basic level, plus cardiac

monitor, IV therapy, IV fluids, some medications, and advanced

airway management.

EMT-Paramedic: A paramedic can do all of the above plus

much more. They are the highly trained in Advanced Cardiac Life

Support and other critical care techniques.

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Glenburn Public Safety

144 Lakeview Rd

Glenburn, ME 04401

Phone: 207.942.6118 or 207.990.5067